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Sleepless in Seattle

So I’m on a trip with my parents right now. Very rare to do so since schedule is always very busy. So for this to happen and to actually be on the trip I should so hit the casino, confirm get jackpot!
Anyway I’m combining work with the trip so should be ok.

Well the first part of this trip is to Seattle so it was nice to finally find out how it’s like to be “Sleepless in Seattle”, oh yes, with the 15 hr time difference from SG, I basically work at night to keep up with office work, and move like a zombie during the day.

We had this tour guide who speaks with a china accent despite having been here for years. Quite entertaining, especially how she describes one of the bridges in Seattle as the one with the highest suicide rates (apparently due to its height being just nice).

We visited the Space Needle, overrated but still architecturally fascinating. As with all tourists, I visit all these man-made “phalluses”! Anyway it’s a nice view of the whole landscape. Seattle is probably one of the nicer countries to retire in. Nice waterfront, generally good climate and a laid back appeal.

But I love the gifts they have for the place – art deco designs – my fav! Had to get a few for reference and the alien/ monster attack ones are so cool!

Then I went to check out the EMP museum – interesting Gehry design, not keen on the shape but I love the finishing. Hahahhaa it sounds like how some ppl pick dates – see the outside, ignore the inside? hahahaha

And then we travelled further to check out more sights -

Went to the Hiram M. Chittenden Lock, where they control passage for ships between freshwater and saltwater and also to see the fish ladder where salmon have to play frogger to get to their spawning grounds. It’s cool to see a viewing gallery and see the salmon swimming against the current to get upstream.

Then it’s off to Pike Market to see their market place. So many glass sculptors – amazed by their skills!
And they got this huge ass Golden Piggy!

And the pilgrimage to Seattle’s main export – well-branded normal-tasting coffee – Starbucks.

So nice, they still retain the old logo, the nubile mermaid flashing her tits at u (just so u know how your latte is produced). Got some gifts for friends hope they like titty mermaids telling them to look at her thingamabobs (“I've got twenty! But who cares? No big deal, I want more…..”)

And strangely our hotel has a nice indoor pool, but there’s a table tennis table right next to the pool – I wonder who table tennis in their speedos….. And the place is very visible from the shopping centres…. It’s like a huge exhibitionist place!

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Back for now!

Hahahah I seem to always start with how much I always want to update this blog but can’t find the time to do so.
Well partially it’s due to a conflux of factors:

  • Work – Most of my work has to be kept secret till the end of the event so I can’t report on it.

  • Filming – My roles especially those that for movies are all to be kept secret till it’s out so nothing I can blog about too

  • Love Life – Inexistent so nothing more to blog about.

And of course it’s easier to reach out to my friends over FB and Instagram.
But this blog is something I think about ever so often so now while I have a weekend I guess I can do a few entries. Should be quite nice to devote it to this trip I’m on!

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Dec. 6th, 2013

It seems every weekend I always remind myself to blog but I never seem to get around with doing it.

But I guess it's kinda hard to blog when most of the things I do have to be kept secret.


Like all my recent events - all the planning has to be kept secret till the event is over and when it's over, you really just want a break. Haha too much typing kills. But that being said, in 1 year, managed to increase the number of ministerial events in our company from 1 to 5. And this excludes commercial events. So quite proud of that.

Haven't been acting much. Most of the times when I'm called, I'm usually working on an event or I'm flying so no chance to work. In fact I'm typing this post while I'm flying to Dubai cos the plane has a problem with inflight entertainment. Anyone I'm waiting for 'Resolve' the last movie I did to be out early next year.

Back to events, it's kinda remarkable how now I'm the lead projects head - and everything I need to conceptualize from scratch. I never once thought of myself as the creative sort. But events do give a lot of flexibility to do things.

But above all I'm glad of the chance to work with my friends who are in their own start-ups. The ability to give them projects directly is something I treasure, having come from the SME side.

My last project actually had my first boss present there too - receiving an award for his work to create the IP sector. Quite interesting to see him again. Brings back memories of the old days where I had to do patent databases - less creative but quieter. And less people to deal with. Haha

This is my second trip this week. Last week I made a trip to Tokyo to attend the motor show. Simply fantastic - booths are huge and so many cool technologies. The Japanese are so adept at making fantastic working prototypes.

Gifts and good food were aplenty and I think my damage on that trip was 900 bucks. Took many pics with my toys too!

Hopefully this Dubai trip will be more affordable.

I'm here in Dubai to attend some kinda sales training. Hope it's interesting. I'm actually more looking forward to seeing the other staff of the company in the Dubai branch.

And I'm also looking forward to taking more pics with toys. Haha nowadays less selfies and more toy pics!

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I'm back after biggest event of the year

It’s the end of August. So it’s been close to 3 months since I last updated this blog.

Well did a few events but the main reason I’ve been so busy was to settle my biggest event of the year, or rather biggest event of my career. Organized a week long series of conferences, exhibitions and career forum for a govt body at Marina Bay Sands!

It’s really been many many long nights as all of us in the office had to put in amazing long hours to run the show. And as the client side had a lot of new ppl who were new to events, we had to do a lot of guidance as well. But yeah all’s well that end’s well.

Heeee quite a feather in the cap as it was graced by the DPM. So I’m pretty glad to say that successfully elevated my company’s ministerial level of events to the DPM level.

Also had my first AV fault – which is still unexplained, but sigh, marred an otherwise perfect event. But I know my preparations were done perfectly, so it’s not something I missed out. Oh well, events always have their issues. Just need to learn and remember.

Anyway so now that the event is over, can take some time to recover…. Oooh I’m looking at gymming and filming!!!

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MR liao! (For the rest that is)

Back from reservist, this was a really chillax session!

Got to meet up with all my buddies once again and have nightly drinking sessions hahhaha.

I’m glad I didn’t miss this one cos it’s the final year for my unit. Yeah the unit has MR (ok I still have 1 more year cos I deferred a year ago but that’s another story). MR means it has finished its entire cycle and there is no more call ups, no more ICT and no more IPPT and whatever army-ish things that we have to do now.

The ceremony was held at the Army Museum. Quite a fascinating place – having been to the Navy and Airforce Museums, I really like the 4D theatre they have. Pretty good use of the space and of cos they have real tanks inside, not cardboard cutouts

So we all went round taking lots of pics. As usual my Lego figures will join me all around.

Many old faces appeared for the MR parade – our old RSM, OC, CSM, PC. Quite cool actually – like those Survivor Reunions.

Well it’s a little sad that we won’t get to meet for reservist again. A nice state sponsored holiday for sleeping and chatting with old friends. Old friends that you’ve been with for the last 14 years. There is a certain camaraderie you develop with people who gone through shit with you.

Well we’ll do our best to keep in touch and it’s been swell knowing everyone!
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Planning for reservist

Well reservist is in 2 weeks time, so it’s nice to see the old gang again!

I realize having missed the last one, I sort of forgotten how troublesome it is to prepare for reservist. So this year I started early. Already went to scout Takashimaya supermarket, so much food, I think I can buy a lot of nice Japanese snacks in to eat in camp. Also thinking of getting cans of tuna, to go with my every meal – dunno how SAF can have so many chicken for every single meal. Hmmm better pack mints to deal with the fish breath or I’ll cause death in my wake.

Speaking of death and fishes, helped Kelton recently with his makeup portfolio. So here I am being a fishman and a zombie.

To do the fishman, it's also hard to pose when you can't see at all... have to rely on what you think might look good, and the direction of the photographer! I'm only showing the goofy pics I took, the nice ones are with Kelton!!

So fun, but it’s really tough on Kelton, it took like 3-4 hours to get each set of makeup done. And just for us to take a few pics before we remove everything (with takes like 1 hour in the shower)! Latex is really painful to strip off when u have bodyhair…. Like waxing!

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Instagramming with Lego

So lately I been busy everyday planning my event in August, pitching for new jobs. Generally I OT till very late and then after that I go for gym as much as I can.

Been given a deadline to get back into the shape I was 7 years ago, so got to try to achieve that again. So far I’m on my mark :) hahahah slow and steady. The only thing I can’t squeeze in is tanning, hahahhaa dun wanna accelerate aging any further.

I realize I hardly take pics of myself anymore, in fact my photography time is spent on instagram, taking pics of my Lego figures. Instagram is full of excellent photographers and I been getting a lot of inspiration.

Here are my funny Star Wars Lego pics.

And of cos since Ironman 3 is out this week, here are some of the Lego Ironman pics I taken

Well if anyone is interested to follow, my username is crimsonvelocity on Instagram.
Somehow I just find Lego figures photograph well, and it's nice that they always smile and make the perfect models :)

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Thank you for everything, Gougou

Recently I read this post on my friend's FB wall.
In a dog's lifetime, there are a number of things you'll say to it... (I don't remember everything but the main gist)
"You're so cute"
"Are you biting on my shoe again"
"You're my best friend"
"I'll do anything to have you back again"

Time really passes
From the first day you appeared in my life. I still remember it as if it were yesterday, I finished a dragonboat race and was walking home. You popped up next to me, looked at me and then walked next to me. We walked back home together. I never knew why you decided to follow me that day but from that day on you became part of the family.

We never had a golden retriever... always German Shepherds... My dad only wanted dogs that could take care of the house. N you smile smile at everyone.... that's wasn't very good. But you never threw any tantrums and you loved to run all around the garden.

You loved to take me for a walk - running and dragging me around. And every time a car comes by, I have to physically lift you up and put you on the sidewalk. Big buffalo! In the end it was my mum who brought you everywhere. My dad still shook his head at you, but who can frown forever at a big slobbery smile?

Worse of all you were a big dog, and loved to dig holes everywhere in the garden. You even dug up a big patch of my mum's bird of paradise. At that point, you should have been kicked out.... But when my dad was willing to spend money to pave up half the garden so the plants could grow one side and you could dig your holes at another side... I knew you were finally accepted.

Over the years, AVA came twice and when they knew you were a stray, demanded ou to be handed over and be put down. We refused and insisted to keep you around, spending loads to keep you away from them.

You grew older, you tolerated my habit of posing toys next to you. And you gave a big smile to all my friends. I even had to endure going to work in clothes with your doggy smell when your big feather duster tail swept past my clothes while they were drying.

You got along so well with the other pets, you took care of the garden with our dear Wu Gui. I know you were freaked out by the parrot duo but you learnt to coexist with the squawking couple....

The garden will be quiet without your collar bell chiming with every step you take. I will miss warming my toes in your fur and hugging your big furry head.

I miss you so much. Gougou, if I could, I'll do anything to have you back. Thank you for the last 8 years.

(Buddy aka Big Buffalo aka my dearest Gougou, 2005-2013)

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It's a wrap!

I’m taking some time off from work to write this entry, been so busy lately cos managing a week-long conference and a few exhibition booths at the same time.

And I thankfully have also finished all my filming shots for a feature film. Yes, it's a wrap. Hahahhaa one of the favourite statements all cast and crew love to hear.

And as part of the stunt team in the movie, we did like 3 months of training prior to the movie. Learnt a lot about how to do stunt falls and takedowns.

Glad that some of my skills like diving and gunfighting came in handy. Hahahahha I got a new nickname after this movie, the director calls me “杀人不眨眼” for my ability to fire the rifle without blinking. Now everyone got the perception I’m a stone cold killer hahaha.

Kinda sad now that it’s over, a character that you built up has to be placed aside again. Anyway here's a pic of everyone at the wrap party where we ktv! We got to see the footage of some of the scenes we did. Got to say they look really fantastic. I am amazed at how some of the scenes turned out. The colour and lighting and the set was truly beautiful!

Yeah very fun to get to film with a lot of old friends. It’s a reunion for Yuan Shuai, Yong yi and me. 5 years since the drama we first did together. Hahahhaha time has passed and from little bengs, now we turn over a new leaf and play team members on the other side of the law.

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Star Cruises Weekend

Have been busy filming for a movie over the weekend.

It’s a very interesting production, touted as the first police action film for SG and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work on this production. Especially with so many friends in the cast.

I’m with the stunts and action team for this production and we have been spending two months training so I hope the audience will enjoy watching it. Hahahha everyone has loads of bruises.

I am not going to post details about the film but some images are already used for publicity so I’ll link them here. As can be seen, loads of fascinating details abound. Love the vehicles. And my diving skills came in handy too!

And we just spent the weekend filming on Star Cruises. Havent been on it since I was a kid and it’s cool being on board. Of course we are freaking shagged cos all filming is done in the evening and at night. Wooooo, dark eye bags around everyone’s eyes now.

While there is not a lot to do on the cruise if you are not gambling, food was plentiful and as an events person I love the aesthetics of the cruise ship. They managed to accomplish many different feels (within the space constraints).

Anyway it’s the first time I get to go run around the interior of the ship and I hope the audience will get to experience our fun when the movie hits the big screen!

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Back to filming!!! At long last!

Also managed to do a bit of filming recently.

Got to do an educational video for MOE (no not porn hahaha). Incidentally, for this, during the audition, the casting director liked me, and when we were writing my details, she realized my age was way over the cast requirements but she just reduced my age to fit the role.

Hahahhaa so I played the grandson of the family!!! Yay, my age group has fallen again.
Our scene was to show how families celebrate moon cake festival in SG and I think it will be used in JC or Sec school mandarin classes.

Then also did a scene for a new drama where I get to NG. Oh yes, after so many years of having to not NG, my character has to NG every single line. Quite interesting…… had to play an actor who doesn’t remember his lines (reminds me of some actors I know, hahahahah). Anyway it was a little complex as I had to act like when I was a newbie… Took some time to think of the way to portray it actually.
I wonder how it will turn out.

Well up next I should be doing a feature film. Will have more news about it soon.

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Tried Wakeboarding with my colleagues.

Oooooh damn fun, a lot easier than to do surfing, here a boat drags u along, and the board is much bigger.

So you place the board perpendicular to the direction you going, and then go into a shitting position. Hahhaha yeah you need to really squat to control it. With equal weight on both legs, the pull of the boat will pull you forward, with enough velocity, you’ll be pulled up and then you need to twist and have the board going parallel to your direction and stand up! Hahhaha easier said than done.

I actually managed to surf squatting on the board quite quickly. So by my second time in the water, I was practicing more on standing up. But need to learn to put equal weight on both legs, I tend to put more weight on my left leg, so it dips down and then I lose my balance, it’s like doing skateboarding.

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Deja Vu - Speaker and now organizer

Wahhhh I just saw my last entry was at the beginning of Jan.

What has happened since then, let’s see, back from Japan headlong into events, doing the career fairs in the various institutions, and most excitingly, preparing for a major conference in August.

Yeah we won the big big conference and now there’s a lot of planning to accomplish for the event.
A lot of stress since the deadlines are pretty short and got a small team to work on it for now. Most of my exhibition work has been transferred to my colleague but that also means I don’t get to fly.
Oh well, take a break from the air then.

Now doing stuff I learnt in my first job – understanding patents and IP, doing website planning etc. Amazing how all those old skills come back into play now.

A feeling of Déjà vu especially since I was a speaker in the IP Conference all those years before. hahahahha now, I'm the organizer....

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Japan Trip (20) - Shop till we drop

Today is the last full day we are staying here so it's pure shopping!
We went out planning to see the fish market at Tsukiji but it was closed for the new year. So we headed to the street market at Ueno.

Loads to buy! Got a few bags there before having a sashimi rice. Imagine eating in a crowded street at sub zero temperatures while a train goes on its way just above the market – yes the market is built below the tracks.

Went to Akihabara later for shopping where I spent hours in the gigantic Yodobashi!!! So much to see in terms of electronics but my big buys were Ultraman and Godzilla poseable figures and also this miniature submarine which can be controlled by remote!!! Power siah I can see myself doing a lot with them!

There’s also a gigantic sex toy shop in the area, 7 levels of it, each level selling fancy stuff – from porn dvd, to used panties (in those gashapon machines), and then to cosplay outfits (Rei’s evangelion outfit is popular), then there is endless sex toys for guys and ladies!!!! Truly eye opener, hahahaha my Tenga eggs from the party are so simple compared to some of these truly exotic stuff!

We had Yama-chan – melt in your mouth chicken wings (you just put it in your mouth and the flesh just comes off, leaving clean bones. Think they use a lot of tenderizer).

Dinner was at a nice sushi bar. Oooooh they had Omakase – where the chef prepares his speciality – check it out!!!

Harajuku was our final stop before we headed back cos lippie wanted to shop there. 

Ooooh lots to see but I no money so I settled for food. Hahhahaha totally depleted my cash.

Check out the many bags we have!

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Japan Trip (19) - The Fukubukuro Day

It's serendipity! Jae is also in Tokyo now so I got to catch up with him.
And today is the second day of the New Year which in Japan, means it's Fukubukuro day!

This means all stores sell limited special mystery packs for a certain value which is vastly less than the amount it is worth! Sometimes they tell you what kind of items are inside- eg 2 jackets, 2 shirts, 3 pants etc and sometimes, they only tell you the number of items- what's inside is a total mystery. Like Apple's bag may contain the iPad mini.

We started with a simple fukubukuro which contains two belts and a wallet (which we needed).
Then we progressed to mob stores in Harajuku n Shibuya for fantastic buys- we ended up with 4 fukubukuro each containing at least 1 full outfit.

It's freaking fun! Mystery purchases and then trading with each other to get what we want.
N cos one of them is a total mystery bag- we got funky clothes!

Lunch we stopped for sushi- sea urchin, fish foie gras, and this really excellent platter of grilled sushi. Damn nice, the oil from the fish fats flow into the rice- making it damn juicy.

And dinner, haha we needed a quiet place to check our buys, try on the clothes, so Jae found this pancake place! Complete with a quiet toilet for us to change n decorative mirrors in the restaurant which we appropriated for our fashion parade.

Ignore the heart- shaped pancakes! Got nothing going on! Haha we got them only cos they look really yummy. N they are freaking big n thick! A lot of ppl in the restaurants gave us weird stares though. I wonder what they were thinking.

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Japan Trip (18) - Disneyland

First time I'm in a Disneyland. And I'm here on the first day of 2013 so there's exclusive New Year decor too!

To celebrate the Incoming snake year, there's loads of merchandise. Finally the snake from the jungle book gets celebrated! And the rest gets converted to snakes- they look like Serpentor from GI Joe.

We got to try a couple of cool rides but all were in Japanese so can only enjoy the sights-

Splash Mountain- very fun water ride with the Brer Rabbit family. I took the front row- got totally drenched!

Parade- ok I wasn't keen on this but their ideas for the floats were brilliant. And good way to entertain the waiting crowd.

Peter Pan- flying on a pirate galleon above the scenes from the movie- thrilling though short.

Small World- just a musical cruise ride but so cool how they portrayed the different countries. Almost felt like I was in a exhibition booth- can identify all materials used!

Nightmare before Christmas- fantastic ride but we waited for 1.5hrs- horrible!!! Liked the holographic ghosts though. Pretty enjoyabale!

4D Theatre- quite entertaining - and first time I get sprayed in a cinema- is this similar to the Yangtze cibema experience- that one also might have fluids squirting at u. The kid next to me kept trying to reach out to grab the 4D images in front of her - so it's quite realistic.

Space Mountain- my favorite- space ride where you cannot see the rails and dunno which way the roller coaster will go!

Big Thunder Mountain Ride- was night fall and our only fast pass. This is much better at night cost like Space Mountain- was so dark you won't know where you're going.

But it was so cold and the wait so long we had to arrange toilet breaks after each stop- like dogs marking territory.

And the fabled fireworks. Let's just say it was really pathetic. Only a few minutes of fireworks n totally without any performance- everyone felt cheated. Hahahhaha Mickey no budget in winter after heating up Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

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Japan Trip (17) - Tokyo Drift (Asakusa)

Asakusa - our cultural trip in Tokyo. 
Like the historical district in Kyoto, there's a lot of fun old buildings to look at.

We stopped at the temple to Guanyin. where there's a gigantic lantern at her door step.

Things different between this and the Si Ma Lu Guanyin temple in SG

  • Vendors can set up shops to sell meat dishes in the temple grounds. In Sg, less boisterous n i think you can't serve meat in her temple.
  • You must throw money before making your prayer, and you have to throw so far cos the donation box is placed 5m away, you're practically throwing at Guanyin's statue. Imagine doing this in SG! The monks will have your hide.
  • And yes Guanyin's amulets are most ex. Considering the number of ppl buying, she must be the most powerful n effective deity haha

We headed to the Tokyo SkyTree next. Unfortunately no tickets left to go up but so many fun things to see.
There's this building with golden sperm- snort on the top of it. heeee my hand looks like a monster.

In the river before this sperm building, you can see the Tokyo cruise n it looks like a freaking sub. very chio, love the organic shape. next time must try it!

Besides that, i found naughty statues in extreme forms of PDA, a weird bear with freaky hands waving left n right and best of all, this crackers with packaging displaying two guys hugging and showing chest- errrr i dunno what exotic taste it has - perhaps BBQ chest hair?

Finally, there is this Jiangshi poster and the Actor who looks uncannily like me! Guess i have an undead twin here in Japan.

N since this is our last stop, here's the updated map of our travels! From Nagoya to Tokyo!!!

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Japan Trip (16) - Tenga New Year's Party

Woot, Japan has the best New Year's Eve countdown parties!
Joined a private party in Ginza with lots of performances by exotic dancers, appearances by AV actresses and more.

First dance i seen with a lighted strap on!

These are amazing pole dancers, in fact the ladies all can do pullups as part of their routines!
Check out the decor, damn happening, all light installations were made using Tenga products! Haha gives me new ideas for events!

Yeah! The event was sponsored by Tenga so everyone got Eggs.
Haha their counter got so many eggs, i look like a carrot cake hawker!

N the eggs pop up everywhere - OMG n then she passed to her fans! I m sure they enjoyed the extra warmth of her eggs!

Had so much fun tonight! N cos i kept posing with the eggs, the sponsors passed me a whole carton of eggs.
Perfect gift for a fertile new year!

Anyone wants to hatch an egg?

P.S in case anyone is wondering, no it's not an orgy fest - despite the nature of the party, it's just pure fun and shows only hahahaha no funny things happened :p

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Japan Trip (15) - Shibuya Shopping

OMG! Shibuya is fun!
So much shopping for guys as well.

And the place is quite an experience, fun watching the giant X crossing where everyone crosses. It’s really a cross junction where everyone walks across the entire square!

As we had dinner previously with Guoli's friend who is a Japan based animation artist, i heard the manga scene here very exciting. So the first chance I got, I went to check out a manga store.

Check it out- mountains of manga. New books have samples to flip through. And the established books have so many movies, poster boards to show off their sales records! Fantastic!!!

The movie section also very fun. the promotional materials- so much foam cutout - my graphics ppl will have starry eyes! Actually me too, so colourful, so bright!!!! I like!!!!

And what is it about Japan people, all the shop assistants all look like they just stepped out of a fashion pictorial, so many so good looking! Hahahha but I know I created some discussion when I did my shopping in my singlet – it may be winter, but the mall heaters are warm. From observation, I can pass off as a Jap guy, but with a bigger bod than most of the guys here so they are trying to figure out which part of Japan I was from :p

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This will be your wet dream if you're a train lover.

The shop owner converted his love for trains and all his interesting artifacts into a unique restaurant.
All seats are actual train seats, the decor includes train nameplates, light fixtures from train cabins.

Ordering is done via a vending machine- get tickets and then watch the show.

Yes as u can see, all meals are delivered to u via a working model train. The curry rice is fantastic too - really quite yummy!

The shop owner is cool. He tries to personalize by giving everyone a gift when they leave. We had special train tickets and photos he took of trains around the world.

And there was very good takoyaki too! This was in a roadside stall just at the Yotenji station. Seriously very yummy, and the Octopus inside is damn thick!!!

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